Dec 14, 2011

Holiday "Elf" Magic

Shopping for the holidays can be so much fun! You never know what you might come across on the shelves,and often you can pickup little makeup kits and brushes fairly cheap this time of year.

I spotted this great palette at Target the other day, and for the price, just couldn't say no.It's perfect for a neutral eye look, and is great for anyone wanting just a few simple colors to work with.

These are basic shades and compliment each other well.

The set is also a good gift idea for someone just learning how to put together their look. It has everything you need, highlighter,lid shades, and darker crease shades,as well as a coffee (dark brown) liner and a little eye shadow wand. There's even instructions on the inside to guide you through the process of applying the shades.

I believe that ELF has these out every year,but just changes the outside packaging to give them a new look. For the price of $5, it isn't a bad deal. You might want to toss the applicator,and beware, because the shadow does have a bit of fallout.

Tip for great application, use a slightly damp eyeshadow brush,you will get better color pay off.

This is a perfect little "ELF" on "MY" SHELF!

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