Dec 1, 2011

Winter Warm Ups (PNW Style)

Seattle is a bit of a hodgepodge when it comes to fashion do's and don'ts . One thing we have an affinity for is warm and comfortable clothing, especially to ward off the chill of those foggy and damp days.

 Everywhere you go, you will see people reaching for fleece. Be it a jacket, a hoodie, or fleece pants,and boots paired with jeans and a down jacket or vest.

Brands such as The North Face,Columbia, and REI are ever popular choices, just hit the streets, and you will find them everywhere.

How can you still look fashionable,without looking dowdy?? Or become a major fashion "don't"...Here are a few great choices that wont hurt your budget or your neighbors eyes.

Try a smartly seamed zip up in a contrasting color, to add a little interest to your everyday look, or an eye popping shade, like these!

Every Seattle girl must have a pair of serious kick-rear boots,be it Uggs or ankle boots.  Think of Nordstrom for your next purchase, or try DSW Shoes!

Another great choice for casual wear, is The Territory Ahead. There's a store at the Bellevue Square Mall. Try replacing those old grey hoodies with an smart lambskin one. Check out their website here:  for more styles.

You can still be warm, and a definite fashion do!

Until next time~

Hearts and Hugs

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