Jan 26, 2012

Here "Kitty Kitty"

Just thought I would post these amazing Hot Pink Cheetah Nails. I love the look and ease of this product, and had tried a few sets of the Broadway Nail Dress collection earlier last year.

This design was so much fun, and thought it would liven up my afternoon, with a pop of color. Broadway Nail Dress comes in a variety of designs, and can be found pretty much anywhere nail products are sold,for around $5.99 (Walgreen's,Target,Rite Aid,Fred Meyers) 

In the process,I do trim mine,then file the remaining excess off

The kit comes complete with nail decals,and a little emery board to smooth, and file them onto your nails.They should fit just slightly above the cuticle and extend just a bit beyond the tips. I find that trimming them to size, smoothing them, then filing off the excess really helps.

My almost finished result

And my psycho kitty nails are done!

After they have been applied, I add a generous topcoat to seal, and protect them from peeling or lifting.

I'm happy to say, that these wear pretty well, and will last for about 4 days.

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts

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