Jan 3, 2012


There is nothing worse than running out of your favorite makeup,let alone running out of your daily go to mascara during a busy holiday weekend!  Yep, I woke up only to realize that my trusty tube was all dried out.

Desperate as I was, I didn't want to brave the busy traffic and drive all the way to my local Sephora or Ulta, so I did what any non crazy fashionista would do, and headed for my local Walgreens. I'm so glad that I did!

 Now, I don't usually buy drug-store makeup, but I spotted this on the shelf,and knowing how well Maybelline mascaras work, I decided to give it a whirl.

What I got was way more than I expected.

This is a brand new product, part of the Great Lash Line called Lots Of Lashes,and that's exactly the results it gave me.

This mascara defines your lashes to the max,and for $4.99 does it better than most luxury brands. It didn't flake,smudge or budge all day.

This is me, after applying just one coat of Lots Of Lashes mascara.. nothing else was added.

 The brush is amazing,with little "teeth" that grab your lashes, even the tiny ones in the corner.

It was also easy to add length to the bottom lashes,which is usually a hassle with other types of brushes. This is one mascara that is on my top five list,and I will purchase again.

 Long, lush lashes ,and alot of "whoa" without alot of dough?

I'll take that any day!

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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