Jan 11, 2012

Simply "DASH-ing"

I have long admired the beautiful bronzed smokey eye look of Kim Kardashian. There are many tutorials out there from mild to dramatic,with deep dark black liner and mascara.

I wanted to create a simple,natural looking version, that is easy to re-create for an everyday look. Not all of us wants to wear heavy eye makeup to the office, right?

To create my look, I used an ELF Palette, The one shown contains 32 eye shadows, and I used the top four on the left to create my "DASH-ing" look.

First, simply apply the white shade all over eye, then add the light yellow shade for your lid color, then using a slant brush, add the brown shade to your crease,and the darker brown on the outer corner of your eye.

Follow with dark brown liner,a hint of silver on the waterline, and lots of mascara,for a not too over the top version of a soft bronze smokey eyed look.

 The palette sells for around $10.00 and can be found at Target, or Walgreen's.

You can always add a deeper liner, or liquid liner for a great nighttime look,but this is just right for daytime.

Keep it stunning dears!

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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And yes, I was lucky enough to meet Kim in person,and she is gorgeous!  

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