Sep 8, 2009

Bargin Hunting

Every now and then going to consignment,thrift stores or even hunting your neighborhood locals,you can find a great deal. This was the case on a recent trip to my local mall in Factoria. I usually don't shop end of season sales....too much compulsive buying...but this time I really found a treasure at my local Nordstroms Rack....
Most of the time I browse through the store not finding much to take home,often getting a deeper appreciation for what is hanging in my own closet,but this time I found something so special I quickly grabbed it,tried it on to make sure it was real,and walked out of the store feeling like I won the lottery!!!!
Found: one Ralph Lauren hot pink satin trench coat (the belted kind that "Brenda Lee Johnson" wears on The Closer) This hot little number was originally $219.00 was marked down to $79.97 now when I went to the register,I was expecting to pay that price...imagine my shock when the total rang up at $47.98!!!! I quickly grabbed my coat and made for "the getaway car"!!! =-)
How awesome is that??? One fabulous fashion find and something that will be around for a long time...
Treasures can be found if you keep hunting!!!
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts
Bellevue Grl

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