Sep 10, 2009

Jeans Jumble

After hours of trying on various brands of jeans and six stores later,a big thumbs up to a very popular company for their "Born to fit(R) " Jeans. One try....and they got it right!!!!
Smooth line,no "gaps" (pardon the pun) at the waistline so you don't have to wear a belt,perfect fit and the length??? Heavenly!!! Finally jeans made for those of us that have above average inseams.
A slap on the head goes to the other brand who says that they make jeans that are "Made to fit real women" Four pairs,all the same size and the same style,guess what??? four different lengths...none of them long enough.
Now, the above mentioned jeans do come with a bit of a pricey tag and do not come in black (YET!!!) but for the fit,they are worth the price (69.50)
I'll be back for more!
Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts
Bellevue Grl

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