Dec 23, 2009

Last Minute Holiday Gift Helper

BellevueGrl Tips- For those who choose to be what one would call "Fashionably" late

Waited till the last minute this year to do Christmas shopping?? Never Fear!! It's still not too late to grab a perfect little gift. Here's a few ideas that will be sure to make you a star....

Sephora- e-gift certificates... if you order an online gift card Sephora will send it to the recipients email box within 24 hours.

Itunes- The gift of music. From 10-15-25-30-50 and up.  Let them choose their own "drummer" to march to.

Starbucks- Who wouldn't love a $25 gift card from Starbucks??? Can you say "White Mocha please?? "

Nordstroms-Order online,pick up in store today

Coach- Choose a gift,choose a store and it will be waiting for pick up,so easy!!!!

Bath & Body Works- Send an e-gift card .

Happy Holidays To All!!

~Until next time

Hugs and Hearts


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