Dec 13, 2009

Pretty And Practical Holiday Tables - Part 3 Of the "Be Merry-Be Bright Series"

Setting a pretty,yet elegant table for your holiday needn't be a hassle. BellevueGrl has some easy ideas on how to make your table the focus of "Oohs and Aahs" without breaking your budget.

Try simple,then add the glitz. A plain table cloth or runner can serve as a background color for your table. Think gold,silver,white,shades of pink,even purple,or light green. Here's one of my favorite ideas.....

Try pink,yes really, a pretty pink cloth in any shade of pink,add a touch of pink and silver Christmas ornaments(you can get these at Target),use simple hurricane lamps with candles as a great centerpiece,or a simple basket shaped as a sleigh,fill with fresh pine cones( or scented cinnamon ones) and greenery for a great look. most of these items can be found at your local Michael's store. For an even more glamorous table,try filling a large bowl with water, and add floating holiday candles.

Napkin rings? Try adding package ties. Glittering stars,angels,snowflakes in gold or silver.add a real stick of cinnamon for a realistic touch,or dip a small pine cone in some glitter then add a ribbon to the top and tie on to your napkin.

I did a bit of holiday window shopping to get some ideas for you,and found Pier 1 to have some of the best,inexpensive decorating ideas. Gilt candle holders,with gold edging were $3.00 a piece,fill with your choice of votive candles. add some reindeer in gold,and ornaments to your table. I was able to find some in just about any color imaginable (including hot pink with silver). They also have some really pretty glassware,most are under $8.00. don't forget the mistletoe..."kissing balls" can be found in every color too,and most are only $3-$5.00.

For a really festive look try 3d mini foil hanging snowflakes. I found some at Party City that come 8 in a pack for $4.99. Imagine a room filled with a simple,yet elegantly lit table,shining with ornaments and fresh greenery and hanging from the ceiling are little snowflakes catching the candlelight!

This would even work as a decoration for a winter wedding.hang snowflakes and stars from the ceiling,make your table white with silver or gold accents ,hang a white or gold Christmas wreath in the hall......beautiful!

Until next time~

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