Dec 8, 2009

Tricks For Pretty Tips

Angels, thinking of some cool ideas for adding some holiday pizazz to your nails???

BellevueGrl has a few simple tricks to try to make your nails sparkle.

Try adding a few crystals or glitter (Red,Gold,Silver,even Green) apply to your nails while slightly tacky ,dip nail tips in a small bowl(dessert size) of glitter,then when dry cover with a clear coat of polish then spray with an instant nail dryer. you can find most of these items at a discount beauty supply like Sally or Beauty Warehouse.

Another tip to try,look for little decals,often sold in sets such as angels, snowmen,snowflakes. I found some great ones just browsing through my local Rite Aid in the nail care isle,and think that they would look adorable...why pay more when you can do it yourself at home for half the cost?

Just another way to "Be Happy.. Be "Bright" (hint hint) This Season

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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