Jan 14, 2011

A Problem With My "Quads"

Let's face it, we are all attracted by the rich, sumptuous colors that we are seeing this spring. Bright shades of lime green,violet, and hot pink. But exactly what do we do when we get all of those fabulous eye shadow quads home?

I have a very special treat for you, because I went right to the source to get my answers,and would love to introduce you to my guest blogger, Celebrity Makeup Artist,and dear friend Suresh Seneviratne. Suresh is one of Seattle's own,and spends his time between here,New York and LA. When he isn't on the set of a magazine shoot,he can be found giving great makeup tips on Twitter or working on his own beauty collection which can be found at Sureshbeauty.com

Suresh has a fabulous line of lip glosses which can be found at his website, and select salons and boutiques. For an "inside scoop" you can also read here  http://bellevuegrl.blogspot.com/2010/06/evening-with-celebrity-makeup-artist.html
Suresh recently took the time to answer some of my questions in a one on one interview :

There are so many wonderful collections launching with wild violets and shades of pink and peach, how does one achieve that great look we all see in the magazines once we get those pretty palettes home? I can never quite duplicate the look myself.

S- I generally keep the darker colors to contour and the lighter ones to highlight. I think the best way to wear these colors is to mix them with your existing makeup wardrobe. Sometimes, wearing all the colors in the palette at the same time can look garish. The trick to a professional look is to keep it simple. Surround one or two colors with neutrals, blend well and always use brushes. That's how you achieve the magazine looks.

What liner colors do you think will be hot this year?

S- Violets, dark grays, and rich blues seem to be very popular. And layering bright colors such as acid green, cobalt blue, or fuchsia over black liner.

What's your take on the new colorful smokey eye for spring?

S- I've always loved smokey eyes in color. My trick to keeping it chic is to use one or two colors and keep the other shades monochromatic. For example, layer a smokey quartz blue on the eyelid, mix dark brown and black into the lash line and outer eye. Contour into the crease with soft black or brown. A touch of pale powder blue could be pretty as a highlight against the brow bone and inner eye.

What's the one "No-No" that you see a lot of?

S- Mixing too many colors on the face. Lip and cheek colors should always be in the same color family. Eyes shouldn't have more than 3 shades to them or you'll distract your viewer. Remember that makeup is optical illusion. You want to create a harmonious balance of color so that your features are all highlighted to their best degree.

Anything else that you'd like to add?

S- Wash your makeup brushes once a week and remember that less is more!

Suresh can be found on Twitter @ Sureshbeauty
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