Jan 11, 2011

Spring 2011- Musings And Predictions

I don't know about you, but thinking about resort wear and bathing suits in January is hard to do. We are shivering here in 30 degree weather,huddled up next to a fireplace with Starbucks in hand. The threat of snow in the next few hours has me a bit worried, as no one here knows how to drive in it.

Our city coined a phrase "snowpocolypse" and it has carried over to the news teams elsewhere;but you've got to believe me when I say that 3-4 inches of snow here will shut down our city,and 6 inches is the end of the world. Us Seattle-ites are spoiled creatures. Give us the pouring rain instead (even though we'll complain about that too!)

Looking out the window,most of us are dreaming of Maui,or someplace where the sun is shining or at least someplace warm...which brings us back to those bathing suits.
So, what exactly is on the horizon for the coming year? I am going to say that 2011 will be the year of the statement piece. The bold cuff bracelets are back,as well as jeweled and intricate belts.Spring will be all about adding that special sparkle to an already existing piece,be it through a brocade or patterned jacket or multi-chain necklace.
We all know about the designer collections,they grace the pages of every magazine;but let's talk about practical pieces.  Try updating you wardrobe with great finds like these at Arden B. For those of you who don't know ,this company is owned by Wet Seal,and has some great fashions as well as sensibly priced accessories. The cuff bracelet shown here is $29, and the necklace above is $34. Find more at http://www.ardenb.com/
Another great piece is the three wishes necklace found at  Anthropologie for $58
Visit their website http://www.anthropologie.com/ for more ideas.
Spring is also about vivid colors. Shades of Neon Green,Orange,Purple, and Hot Pink will be back. We'll see it in everything from dresses,to pants, all the way down to our makeup and lipstick shades. Your choices don't have to be expensive. Some choices for dress wear are Dress Barn,where you can get great every day styles as well as fabulous cocktail dresses in the shades you'll be seeing everywhere. The sheath dress here is $39.99 and is a great choice for an evening on the town. Pair with a light bolero or a tailored jacket,and you have the same "hot off the runway" look for alot less.
This season will bring back the return of the chained handbag,to match the lady-like fashions we will see hitting stores mid February and March.  Note: hemlines will hit just above the knee or about three inches below. We'll even see the return of the maxi-dress this year!   Coach has always been my favorite for handbags. I love the look of their Poppy line because it is fresh,and fun.  The bag shown here is a perfect example  of what you'll be seeing this spring. POPPY CLIPPED LUREX SMALL BAG  $198  Browse more bags at coach.com

And finally, be on the prowl with a fabulous pair of leopard print shoes. Jungle prints will be hot again this year. Add your own special touch with a hot pair of heels that will make them purr.  You can find great shoes at Forever 21  The style shown here is $26.80  

Have fun with style this spring. Let a little of yourself shine through,update your look with a pair of earrings, a great bag or a bold colored jacket.

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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