Jan 1, 2011

Resolve To Be A Better You

We've all heard it before,maybe a neighbor casually passes by, or worse yet, our best friend or significant other mutters the dreaded phrase; "You look just like your Mother"And there you are carefully studying your reflection in the mirror looking for gray hair,and noticing those little tiny wrinkles at the sides of your eye.

Did I suddenly age? I don't see myself as a little old lady. I work out three times a week, I'm active, I have friends, I still listen to alot of the popular artists, I'm on Facebook, and Twitter. There is nothing about me that screams "older"

When I was a teenager, I swore up and down that I would never be like my Mother. My mother had no fashion sense,wore bright red,or rose lipstick (yep, the non-smudge proof kind) and had a poof of hair. Her favorite day to day attire was pull on pants. Now, I will admit to bundling up on a cold winters day,but I always check the mirror before I leave the house.

Lately though, I've been feeling a little less then stylish, I guess I fell into the pattern of being a little too comfortable with how I look, because I just didn't feel as stylish as some of the ladies I see walking around in designer boots and glasses. The other day, I tried on a new lipstick shade,and damned if it wasn't a dark red, and you know what? it actually looked good! I caught myself in the mirror at a swanky restaurant, and thought.. "I look like my mother" I saw the same eyes staring back at me,and the same face. Whoa, that was an awakening!

So, this year, I'm making my resolution to be a better version of me. I resolve to "dump the frump" and be aware of not  dressing like a refugee..we all do it, get a little too comfortable with our style or our look, and before you know it people are calling you Ma'am and trying to help you across the street.

Ladies, it's time to "Clean house". If it's been in your closet or on your tabletop for over a year, and you never use it, throw it out! Update your pants or separates with a new belt,or scarf. add an eye popping pair of leopard print shoes (get rid of the sport shoes,nothing makes you look older faster) to the mix. Wear a gorgeous piece of chunky jewelry,and make it your signature piece. When you walk into the room,the last thing you'll hear is "You look just like your Mother."

Give yourself a gift of a new you for New Years

Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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