Sep 18, 2010

Bargain Vs Brand

A friend of mine posted a thirty day challenge on her blog recently, to prove that most of the high end cosmetic brands out there have a cheaper,same pigmented duplicate out there.
She adores picking up products here and there and loves to play with different makeup brands..I adore eyeshadow,and just as a test,decided to play along a bit.

Now, I'm not saying that the other non high end makeup brands are not just as good, but I will say that for longevity,and quality that Nars,Sephora,Stila and Urban Decay are far superior. I am all for a cheaper price tag, but if the shadow makes your eyes itch or wears off halfway through the day, is it worth saving money?

I'm the kind of girl that likes to put my makeup on in the morning, then just forget about it during the day,often adding a deeper shade in the crease or colorful liner for evening wear. If it doesn't last,the color is too sheer,there's alot of fallout with the shades,then I have to go with the name brand.

Cover Girl,Maybelline,and L'oreal pretty much give the same results,they look great in the package,but the colors go on very light ,and often do not blend well,at least not with a makeup brush,the trios often go on looking harsh if you add too much color,half of what I purchased wound up in the trash bin in my bathroom because I just couldn't stand the look. the one exception to the rule was Color Plush Eyeshadow from Maybelline. I used the "Give Me Gold" and really liked the results.

To be fair,though, I do use some supermarket/drugstore eyebrow pencil from Cover Girl as they are they only ones that make a decent shade of red for my brows.and I love colossal mascara from Maybelline,makes my lashes look lush,no flaking,and no clumpy feeling. I didn't have to use a comb on my lashes afterwards. Best liquid eye liner? L'oreal. This one isn't as wet, applies like a marker,so I do agree with my beauty guru pal on that note.

For a less expensive brand name, I opt for Sephora brand makeup. Their line is affordable,the quality is great, and your eyeshadows do not wind up breaking in the case,which I found that some of the drug store brands did alot.Their eyeliners are amazing,I love their lip glosses,and the tiny little price. I have never had a bad experience at their store.

All in all, I think it's just a matter of taste,whatever look you are going for. There are duplicate shades out there, but depending on the quality,it's up to you to decide if they are honestly worth it in the end.

Until next time~
Hugs and Hearts

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  1. One of the reason that inexpensive eyeshadows break apart and do not show true color is that they are mostly a filler of sorts. I have found that Mary Kay's mineral eyeshadows are great, and for how long they last are reasonably priced.