Sep 13, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends..Runway To Real Life ..Making it all make sense for you!

Fierce is the word for Fall 2010! Get ready to prowl with flowing, loose hair, slightly messy, but with an elegant edge that can go from day to nightclub, without much of a thought. Volume is the key to a lion-like mane, and even short hair can have a sexy, playful, kittenish look with a bit of root lifter or a good volumizing spray. Hair should have movement. How to get the best look? Wash and dry your hair the night before the big event. Usually, the more natural oils and products in the hair the better, as they will add to the overall sheen and volume to your style. Then go pounce!

Nails come into focus with deep shades of purple, burgundy, and taupe. Chanel has a beautiful new line of colors that you may want to try in their Le Vernis Trio, which was just released this month. Khaki Vert (a soft earthy green), Khaki Brun (a soft caramel like brown), and Khaki Rose, a very pretty, almost blue/pink shade. They have also re-introduced an all time favorite, (and mine) Vamp. This is the color that started it all. That deep almost black purple that was the "It" shade a few years ago, and honestly never went out of style. Another hot nail look is bright neon colors, think orange, yellow, and candy pink.

Fabulous Fashionistas everywhere should give these shades a try, one of them will surely make you purr with delight. Speaking of purring, there is a new line from Mac that has been released called Fabulous Felines. What could be more “purrfect!" Leopard Luxe shades, giving a nod to the smoky eye again, but this time, think rich shades of gold and deep browns. Add a soft matte lip for a just kissed look.  
Bringing eyes into focus is key, and to get the fire started there is a great new line of lashes that Urban Decay has launched. For a little runway to real life glam, try lashes applied at the edges of your eye in bright shades of blue, teal or purple, to give an unexpected pop of color just for fun. 
There's no right or wrong, experiment with your inner wild child this season. Add a great leopard print bag or scarf, a wide gold cuff bracelet. 

Ready to take on the world?  Go roar!

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