Sep 27, 2010

A Tale Of A Girl And Her Hair

I'm in love with my new hair color! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, it wasn't love at first site. but it had been awhile since I last saw my hairstylist, and was a bit low on funds,so when I saw this color on sale at my local store, I thought..."why not?"

I am normally used to spending upwards of 50.00 or more on a cut and color,and usually shy away from bargain brands. Having never used ColorSilk before, I was worried that it might damage my hair or worse yet,look too dark.
The instructions were pretty much the same as my normal at home brand,but I noticed that when I rinsed my hair, there was alot less color coming out, which means my hair absorbed more of the color,after conditioning,I took the towel off to reveal a rich red,my hair was soft, silky,and felt healthy,and shined like crazy!

I will definitely go back to this brand again,I'm totally in love with my hair. If you color your hair at home, you will appreciate the small price tag, but huge results. I'm very happy that for under $5, I have rich gorgeous color..but don't tell my stylist that!
Until next time~

Hugs and Hearts


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