Sep 21, 2010

Take a bite, my dear!

Fall inspires a bit of mystery, and dare we say brings out a bit of the vamp in us?

Mac Cosmetics introduces it's wickedly wonderful "Venomous Villains."

A potion to poison, an apple to bite, a spell to cast…bad never looked so good. A crystal ball of color created from your favorite Disney Venomous Villains, inspired by the three most infamously frosty, fabulous and formidable of Disney’s Dark Ladies…and one dastardly Dr. Facilier. Tempting, isn't it? This is A M∙A∙C and Disney collaboration to celebrate the dark side in every one of us, in a glamorous sort of way. Hot shades of Magenta, Red, and Pink, to put you in the spotlight. This is no "Hello Kitty", but "Hello Hottie."

Who’s the fairest one of all? Four separate mini-collections, in haute animated couture. The incomparable Cruella de Vil and Snow White’s Evil Queen, each featured on one ultra primary displayer Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier are both up to no good on their own. Uniquely designed iconic packaging you will kill for, cunning characters and bedeviled beauties that are so alluring, you can’t help but wonder "what would it be like to be one?"

Embrace your darker side; steal one of these before they're gone! M•A•C Venomous Villains on counter starting September 30, 2010 through October 2010.View the product trailer at
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-By Elaine Hamilton
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