Mar 30, 2012

"B" Is For Beauty Benefit

I recently heard all of the buzz about beauty benefit creams, and wondered if it was true. Did I really need one? Would my skin somehow magically transform into something soft, radiant, and flawless?

Garnier recently came out with a much newsworthy product, and I was curious to see if it truly lived up to all of the hype.

The product is supposed to "even skin tone,hydrate,renew the look and feel of skin,protect, and brighten all in one application"

I finally broke down, and picked up a tube of this at my local Target,and for $12.00, I have to say that I just don't get it.

I applied it the very next morning, and except for the sunscreen,and slight tint,really didn't notice any changes in the appearance of my skin.

 There were no angels singing,and I didn't instantly transform into a younger version of myself. It barely covered my skin at all, and made my face breakout the next day.

I thought I would give it another try, but all it seemed to do was smell good,and left my face with a slightly greasy feeling.

Has anyone else used this? did you get any noteworthy results? For me, it wasn't much of a "benefit"

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