Mar 5, 2012

March "Spring Fling"

I love my local Ulta Store! Not only are the products brightly displayed,but the store is clean,well stocked,and up to date.

 They are the number one place I go to find all of the latest trends and beauty products,and the staff is ALWAYS helpful,and will go out of their way to find something if you ask.

What a difference walking into one of these stores, in comparison to that "other" well known beauty outlet. There are no pushy salespeople here.

I was so pleased to see that they had the new Essie Spring Collection (along with over a hundred other shades) The colors are just so lovely,they simply shout "springtime". This mini set is perfect for trying out these frothy temptations, and contains Ole Calente,To Buy or Not To Buy,Tour De Finance, and Navigate Her. All for $17.00, which is a huge savings over the regular price of a full size bottle ($8)

I also stopped by Sally's Beauty and grabbed the last few remaining bottles of the new China Glaze Collection. The Capitol Colors is a tribute to the new movie "The Hunger Games". I squealed with glee ,when I spotted one of the coveted shades "Riveting" on the shelf! 

Ladies, if you can, RUN to get these! with my Sally's card, the were $5.99 each. I plan on going back and snatching up the rest of the shades before they are gone. *** Interesting fact:Washington is considered to be District 7 for The Hunger Games, and our  District's color is Mahogany Magic.***

Pictured are three of the new shades.Riveting,Mahogany Magic, and Hook And Line.
 Riveting is a bright orange with gold flecks, Mahogany is a warm brown,almost a caramel shade,and Hook And Line is an interesting mix of gray and silver,almost a "smoke" shade. 

The rest of my shopping consisted of a stop by Bath & Body Works for their Pocket Bac Hand Sanitizer.
 I spotted an adorable kitty carrier that goes along with it,
  I also picked up a few goodies at Nordstrom (Coach Poppy,and Meow) 

What are your must haves for Spring? I've found most of mine,and can't wait to try these!  I will be posting pictures along the way.
Please forgive me, I am having the worst problem with my font on here today. Attempted to fix but will not correct itself on here. Blogger is not behaving today! 

Happy Shopping!
Until next time~
Hearts and Hugs
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